What is a modern logistic park?


First and foremost in establishing a modern logistic park is the utilization of legal, zoning compliant land lot. The challenges facing the use of non-compliant land lots include: difficulties in obtaining building user permits, lack of property management, lack of common area facilities, and the inability for operator to obtain insurance and / or financing.

The use of compliant industrial land for warehousing needs ensures that:

  1. Major capital investment for logistic facilities / equipment will be secure.
  2. Corporate operations will be sustainable.
  3. The environment will be well protected.

Legal warehousing should be located in:

  • Industrial Zones in urban planning areas
  • Special permit logistic zones in non-urban planning areas.
  • Types of Warehouses

    Standardized all-purpose warehouses and customized specialty warehouses. Specialty warehouses cater to users’ unique needs such as: temperature controlled luxury goods, liquor and tobacco, food & beverage, fast moving consumer goods, master warehouses, and refrigerated and frozen warehouses.

  • Warehouse Facilities

    Large span and high ceiling clearance for maximum storage capacity, directional signage, fire extinguishing systems, air-condition systems, lighting systems, loading docks, loading lifts, and turn-about spaces.

  • Office

    Interior design meeting the needs of logistic operations and people needs in the form of logical layouts and functional spaces provides for an efficient and comfortable working environment for employees and guests alike.

Common Facilities

Property management, driveways and exterior lighting, common bonded warehouse area, CI and directional signage, security checkpoints, optical network, dedicated passenger and freight vehicle parking areas, waste disposal area, value added services area, container yard, and freight forwarding stations.

Staff canteen
LR Cafe

Living Requirement

Staff canteen, café, convenient store, greenery and view.

Security System

24-hour guarded entrance / exit, security alarm system, and surveillance cameras, real-time communication with security and property managers.

Human Resources

Priority labor supply through on-site HR company, government labor agencies, and occupational institutions.

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We took around 6 months to make this opening happen between when we sign the contract and when we start to operate. And actually, the cooperation is amazing because our discussion and meeting are quite open-minded, honest, and transparent, and always around the table, people are able to make the decision. So, it was a quite fast and good relationship. And I am convinced that the future of this project with ALP will be amazing for us and I hope for you! Actually the first time we saw this quality of buildings. I work in Decathlon for ten years and I opened many warehouses. When I saw this one, we didn’t have any doubt about the opening here. They are able to offer us the building with the design and flexibility. Also, the innovative construction allows us to do many many things. That's why we were impressed. We said “wow” the first time we met you!

- Decathlon Taiwan Logistic Director, Jimmy Correia

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